Our Church is open for worship at 10: 30 am

We are worshipping every Sunday by keeping social Distance! 

You are welcome here!

Whatever you may have heard or experienced about Baptists, be prepared to find our church refreshingly different.

We believe questions are often as important as answers and every person is loved by God without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or social class. Jesus didn’t turn anyone away; neither do we.

You are not expected to have arrived morally or spiritually to become part of our congregation, nor are you required to accept a narrow creed or list of tightly-packaged doctrines.

Here you are asked only to be yourself, with all your faith and doubt, strengths and weaknesses, dreams, and frustrations. Join us on the journey as we seek to grow in our love and understanding of God, our neighbors, and even our enemies.


          A Future with Hope

Our new Daily Devotion, “Following Jesus and Finding the Life You’ve Always Wanted.” 

Jesus talked about life that is truly life. What does that look like? Here is part of it:

  • It’s a life of meaning and purpose. Most of us at some point wonder whether our life truly matters. Have we done anything that has made a real difference? Will anyone even miss us when we’re gone? Could God use someone like us to change the world?
  • It’s a life of love, joy, and peace. This is what makes life worth living, and we can’t create them just by trying harder. Love comes from being loved; joy and peace come to us as gifts when we learn to trust God with our lives.

If this sounds like the life you’ve always wanted, following Jesus may well be your best hope of finding it. This isn’t about being more religious or trying harder to be good. It’s about living in the reality of the Kingdom of God that Jesus came to proclaim. 

I’m putting together booklets that will each have one month’s worth of brief devotionals based on the words and deeds of Jesus.

There are a variety of ways these booklets can be used:

  1. Here’s a Good Plan: Just Read it – all it takes is about two minutes each day.
  2. Here’s a Better Plan: Read it and Reflect on it – take about two minutes each day to read the devotional, and then as much time as you want to reflect on it. This way you aren’t only reading about Jesus - you are actually engaging with him. If you do this in the morning, you might find yourself thinking about it at random times during the day. That’s a great way to invite God to work in your life.
  3. Here’s the Best Plan: Read it, Reflect on it and Share it – read and reflect like above, and then share your experience with one or more friends via text, email, phone call, or face-to-face meeting. Some days you might say, “I didn’t get much out of this. How about you?” On other days, it might be, “Wow! I’ve been thinking about this all day. How about you?” Besides sharing daily (or as often as you can), you might want to schedule a group meeting every month (or even more often) to talk about what is happening in your lives.

If you read one devotional each day, I expect it will take you about six months to read them all. If you have chosen to “Read, Reflect and Share,” I expect you will feel closer to your friend(s) than you ever imagined. 

By David L. Nichols, Pastor 


Worship Service
Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Church Activities ( Many church activities are currently on hold. Please call Church Office for details information)

Contemporary  Discussion at 9:30 a.m. Currently on hold

Every Sunday morning in the Clough Room we come together to talk about controversial issues and practice civility toward those who differ from us. Most issues are more complicated than we are led to believe.

Bible Study at 10:30 a.m. 

Every Wednesday Pastor Dave discusses the upcoming Sunday scriptures.

Men's Breakfast at 8: 30 a.m. Currently on hold

The third Tuesday of each month (Poor Richard's Cafe, 1105 E.Crosstown, Kalamazoo) 

Women's Bible Study at 5:30 p.m. Currently on hold

The third Wednesday of each month ( Professional Offices, 3608 South Burdick Street,  Kalamazoo)

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